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Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

Free Shipping On Orders Over: $45

PayPal Pay in 4 available, T&Cs apply

12 Reasons Suede Microfiber Makes for the Best Beach Towels

by Arjun Sharma 22 Sep 2022 0 Comments
sand free beach towel with carry bag

A quality beach towel can transform your summer experience.

Australians love spending time at the beach—but we don’t love the daily hassle of dripping wet, heavy towels clogged with sand. As an Australian family business, we set out to create beach towels truly suited to busy outdoor lifestyles.

Extensive research led us to suede microfiber as a standout choice for Newlyfe. Suede microfiber has a somewhat similar soft feel to suede (hence the name) but is a man-made innovation, designed with practical benefits in mind.

Trustworthy convenience is at the heart of our collection. We want you and your family (including pets!) to enjoy our high-quality beach towels. Check out a dozen reasons suede microfiber is the perfect textile for the Newlyfe range.

A non-abrasive surface creates terrific beach towels

One of the best things about suede microfiber is how soft it feels on the body: no rough, stiff threads risking skin irritation. Our children adore the gentle silky texture of Newlyfe beach towels after playing in the pool or ocean.

Busy holidays call for beach towels that last the distance

If you’re like us, your beach towel sees a lot of use as the weather heats up. Good news: suede microfiber is known for being durable and tear-resistant, thanks in part to tightly woven threads that create a reliable, resilient finish.

Excellent absorption when drying off after a quick dip

Suede microfiber is recognised as being more absorbent than everyday cotton. The suede microfiber of our towels is responsible for this increased absorption rate. A quick pat dry with a Newlyfe towel, and you’re ready for that next adventure

Suede microfiber towels won’t weigh down your backpack

Ever bought a beautiful beach towel only to discover it’s heavier than expected? Suede microfiber is known for being a lightweight fabric, contributing to its appeal. You’ll barely notice the weight of our beach towels in your bag.

Quick dry towels mean no more soaked, smelly surfaces

Newlyfe towels dry in half the time of cotton towels. Suede microfiber is also thinner and quicker to dry than standard microfiber too. (We’ve added a snap-lock loop so you can hang our towels for a few minutes wherever, whenever.)

Simple and compact to pack if you’re caravanning or camping

You won’t believe how tightly you can roll or fold our towels. Thin, lightweight and flexible, they slide easily into small spaces in your bag or backpack where a water bottle would fit. No need to lug around a bulky towel anymore.


Chlorine Resistant for regular swimmers and lazy days by the pool

If you’re a regular swimmer you will have experienced the strong stubborn smell of chlorine that comes home in your bathers and towels and is hard to remove. Being so thin, suede microfiber airs easily and the smell is gone in no time, so it’s smelling fresh and just like new, ready for your next swim at the pool. The goods news is too chlorine won’t fade the fabric.


Newlyfe beach towels are resistant to unpleasant smells

Who hasn’t left a wet towel in their bag or car, resulting in that weird mouldy scent? Because our towels dry so fast and are made from a modern created substance, they’re not as welcoming for bacteria and don’t hold odours in the same way.


You can look fabulous swathed in vibrant colours

Love making a bit of a fashion statement at the beach, wrapped in a gorgeous towel? We offer stylish designs adults will love, as well as a range of seriously cute towels created for children. Yes, we even cater to the dinosaur fans!


Budget-friendly beach towels that are in it for the long haul

The Newlyfe range is designed to meet your needs. We know you want affordable beach towels that perform brilliantly, and will last. Our fabulous beach towels stay in great condition and are a smart investment for all the family.


Fade-resistant and dirt-resistant for families on the go

With three kids, we know our beach towel range needs to be able to deal with constant use, especially during school holidays and the warmer seasons. Suede microfiber is renowned for being resistant to signs of wear and tear.


Best of all—sand free!

Nothing dampens a day at the beach like bringing what feels like half of the landscape home with you. The way suede microfibre is woven creates a loop-free surface, meaning Newlyfe beach towels are much more resistant to grains of sand.

What’s not to love about our beach towels?

Here at Newlyfe, we’re constantly getting feedback from fans of our luxurious beach towel range. It feels fantastic to know we’re making life simpler for people who appreciate spending time in the ocean or the pool as much as we do.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand why we’re so proud of our suede microfiber beach towels. Still, have a few questions? Check out our FAQs for further insights, or reach out to us and we’ll answer your queries as soon as possible.
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