Towels That Love to  Travel

Towels That Love to Travel

Sand Free Beach Towels, Quick Dry Bath Towels and Hair Wraps that are so compact, lightweight, easy to pack and carry, you can take them anywhere!

Simply Living

Pack More Into Life, with Newlyfe

Sand Free Beach Towels, Quick Dry Bath Towels and Hair Wraps that make life simple!

They’re thinner than a regular towel, so they fit into even the smallest backpack or storage area with loads of room left to spare and they dry in half the time. They’re also light weight, sand free, easy to hang and made from luxuriously soft microfiber that is so absorbent it dries you in no time! 

Designed in Australia for travel and our outdoor lifestyle with quality, functionality and affordability in mind – caravan, camping, days at the beach and pool will be stress free when you’ve packed your Newlyfe microfiber towels! 

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Welcome! A bit about us ...

At NewLyfe, we’re all about Simply Living.

Our love affair with the beach has always been strong. After both growing up in coastal towns in WA and NSW Australia, we have always lived close to the beach.

It was our shared passion for the beach lifestyle and love of travel that bought us together. Like so many others, the stress of corporate life and a growing family made us realize it was time to get more out of life and start ‘Simply Living’. So it was then, in 2017 our family business ‘Newlyfe’ was born. 

We started with just two Sand Free Beach Towels and have grown to 30 products, all inspired by our customer feedback. We’re always looking at the problems they face and how we can help solve them.  

Driven by the desire to help other families live simply, we’re passionate about delivering quality lifestyle textiles that are fun, functional, durable and most importantly, affordable.

We are real people, with 3 kids of our own, who love and use our products every day. We expect the best for our family and we want the same for yours. We truly value the faith our customer’s place in us, so delivering an exceptional customer experience supremely important to us.

We warmly welcome you to our Newlyfe family.

Nat & John xx

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