Oahu Large Beach Towel

Sand free beach towel
by Newlyfe
oahu large beach towel

Oahu Large Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towels

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XL size = 180 x 90cm

No more heavy, bulky, sandy beach towels that take forever to dry! Newlyfe Sand Free Microfiber Beach Towels are quick dry, silky soft, huge rolled out yet fold down to the size of a water bottle and weigh just 330grams, so they’re easy to pack and carry! Hang them anywhere with the handy snap lock hanging loop, ideal for the beach, pool, caravan, camping and more!

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Pink Hair Towel

No more balancing acts with heavy hair towels! Lightweight and a secure fit, Newlyfe hair towel wraps make it easy to multitask while waiting for your hair to dry. The ultra absorbent fabric cuts hair drying time in half, reducing hair damage from excessive blow drying, while the silky soft fabric reduces friction and frizz!

Aqua Hair Towel

No more balancing acts with heavy hair towels! Lightweight and a secure fit, Newlyfe Hair Towel Wraps make it easy to multitask while waiting for your hair to dry. The ultra-absorbent fabric-cuts hair drying time in half, reducing hair damage from excessive blow-drying, while the silky soft fabric reduces friction and frizz!

Reusable Makeup Remover Towels

No more single-use cotton pads, disposable wipes, or cleansers, our Reusable Makeup Remover Towels simply activate with water, leaving skin clean and healthy, naturally!

Set Includes: 2 Towels (20 x 20cm) + 2 Eye Pads + 1 Wash bag + Ziplock Travel Pouch

Grey Bath Towel

Size = 150 x 80cm

Designed to save space and weight for travel, our NEW super soft & ultra absorbent Bath Towels are standard size towels but take up 1/2 the space and dry 2-3 times faster than cotton.

Made from premium ‘waffle weave’ microfiber, they’re slightly thicker than our ‘suede’ microfiber beach towels, offering that super soft ‘plush’ feel that we all know and love after a shower! Easy to hang anywhere with the handy hanging loop.

Product information

SAND DOESN’T STICK – unlike any other towel, ‘Suede’ microfiber is completely flat with no loops in the fabric, so there’s nothing for sand, seaweed or twigs to stick to. As it dries give it a good shake and the sand falls right off!

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – at 180 x 90cm it’s a HUGE towel rolled out but the thin, lightweight fabric means it rolls up to the size of a water bottle and weighs under 350grams, saving valuable space and weight in your beach bag, caravan or camper! 

ABSORBANT? YES! – The millions of ultra-fine microfibers pat you dry in seconds, the more you wash it the more absorbent it gets.

DRIES 5 x FASTER – the ultra thin fabric dries in no time. The unique handy hanging loop with snap lock closure means you can hang it anywhere! 

DURABLE, EASY CARE – not only are they machine washable but due to their sand free and quick dry qualities, you don’t need to wash after every use. Ideal for camping, caravanning and everyday use at home when you don’t want to be washing beach towels every day!

BONUS WATER RESISTANT CARRY BAG – perfect for storing your towel while not in use or keeping your keys and other valuables safe and dry.

What people are saying about Newlyfe...

Incredible Customer Service!
A fantastic product that is exactly what we need for our camping trips. What was most amazing for me was the incredible customer service, so greatly appreciated. Would 100% recommend!
Christine Brown
Verified buyer
More Than Amazing!
Oh my gosh John and Nat, I love our towels we purchased but what I loved more was the note that they came with. You two are the most beautiful sincere business owners I have ever come across. Delivery was super fast and I can’t thank you enough. oh and our towels are more than amazing x
Kylie Pitman
Verified buyer
My Family Loves Them!
First we tried the Hair wraps, they are absolutely fantastic, thick hair drys in no time 🥰. We just spent a week away and first time trying the towels, they are just as good!!!! All my family loved them and we were super stoked on how absorbent they are and fast drying 👍.
Karren Marshall
Verified buyer
Perfect Beach Towel
This is exactly what i was hoping for. My husband is training for the Rottnest swim and is riding his bike to training, so it's perfect. The waterproof bag means other items in my beach bag will stay dry! It's compact size is also super handy for travel and camping. Super happy with this purchase - beautiful finish too.
Claire Schenburg
Verified buyer
Great Quality Towel
I bought this towel for my daughter. Not only is it a great size but it is the fastest drying towel I've seen. Great for down the beach as well, as sand doesn't stick to it like a regular beach towel. Packs down nice and small in the provided bag which is a great addition. My son wants one now!
Simon ******
Verified buyer
Love These!
Love these! I bought some before and just got a couple more so the whole family has one now. Really makes a massive difference when lugging stuff to the beach for 4 people and saves my poor arms and shoulders when carrying all the other beach goodies. Very absorbent and light. Thanks!
Jenny Oldham
Verified buyer
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